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Rob Shirakbari

Composer, Producer, Musician

Rob Shirakbari has worked intimately on stage and in the studio with the world’s finest artists.  From his tenure working as Music Director for both Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach to helping develop new artists (LeAnn Rimes, Mikaila, Kristy Lee Cook), Rob’s credits and discography reads like a Who’s Who of the music industry with a desired skill set most artists only dream of having.

Rob currently has studios in Los Angeles and in London where he is producing, writing and performing with artists such as Rumer, Alani and Dionne Warwick.



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Rob Shirakbari

Primarily a highly skilled piano player but also a masterful guitarist, bassist, symphonic arranger, conductor and producer, Rob is able to contribute in a multitude of areas to complement and craft any project at the highest of levels. He has worked on record, film, TV and commercial projects throughout his career.

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